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Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 29

Makers Faire today was AWESOME!

I got to network and meet some amazing wonderful artists and creators. (They all already have a dear place in the cockles of my heart!)

I got to draw on clay. It was so different. Difficult and slow because making clean lines was troublesome. But it was super cool.

The clay project was for red star studios. They construction a huge wooden pyramid and the clay tiles were used to cover it. It was a wicked awesome project! They are such great people too. Such a great experience.

And I drew some doodles on people. Love love that.

And.... omg... AND I finally got to see Kryptc art paint. He does live spray paint art. He is wow so awesome. He is adorble and his wife is such a doll. Adore them both.

Just so many amazing wonderful pieces to today. Squeee.

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