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Friday, July 18, 2014

Free time? More art

Every gig I do, people vomment on how "talented and great" I am as an artist. I always reply I am just a doodler and I can not draw, but I am trying to change that.

As an artist I am constantly learning new things, trying new things, pushing myself to be better.

Even though henna is my main focus, I have been branching out more into other art forms.

I always wanted to be an artist. When I fell into henna I never wanted to be "just a henna artist." I wanted to be "an artist." Part of that means trying things I am not so good at and working until I "suck less."

Natural talent? Naw, my stick figures were as bad as anyones in the beginning. I am learning just like anyone else learns.

YOU too CAN draw!

How can you learn to be a better artist? What motivates and inspires me to keep pushing?

Some of the resources I use are contests. They keep me pushing myself, they give me guidlines and deadlines. Occasionally I win, most often I don't, but, I am tenacious and I just can not stop. I have some odd internal drive that keeps me going forward, and I LOVE that part of myself.

Sometimes I wish that drive would carry over to cleaning my house or shaving my legs, but mostly I am thrilled to be able to expiriance that drive at all.

I also swap artist trading cards. Artist trading cards are 2.5 by 3.5 mini artworks.

I mostly swap through Swap-bot. If you have never checked it out, swap-bot is an amazing website for swapping all kids of snail mail. Honestly, who doesn't love snail mail? Recently I was made an official swap-bot ambassador. Basically I spread swap-bot swag and my love for mail art. Perfect for me.

I also participate in Free Art Friday and the art abandonment movement. I drop free artwork as I can here and there. It is an amazing time!

I thought it might be fun for the next few weeks to highlight my very favorite places online to push myself as an artist. These are the places I go almost everyday to learn more and inspire me. Any maybe some of my favorite artists- who knows.

Till next week, c ya.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 30, the end

That was an incredibly fast 30 days! I can not believe it is over.

This challenge got me blogging, doodling, creating and I am sad it is over.

Massive thank you to Kelly of Whimsy and Zen for the push in the right direction.
Check Kelly and her blog out here.    


Recovering from the Maker's Faire, I am exhusted and my brain is all phlfffffffft.

I made some little henna ATCs to mail to some henna peeps.

Not a huge big bang, but a little spurt of creativity, ended as I began, slow and enjoying each stroke.

Maybe I need to find another 30 day challenge. This was amazing. :-)

For now, I need to package up these cards and mail them out. Assign partners for my latest swap and sleep.... ohhhhh beautiful sleep.

Until I blog again, please please go create something. Even if it is little, do it!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 29

Makers Faire today was AWESOME!

I got to network and meet some amazing wonderful artists and creators. (They all already have a dear place in the cockles of my heart!)

I got to draw on clay. It was so different. Difficult and slow because making clean lines was troublesome. But it was super cool.

The clay project was for red star studios. They construction a huge wooden pyramid and the clay tiles were used to cover it. It was a wicked awesome project! They are such great people too. Such a great experience.

And I drew some doodles on people. Love love that.

And.... omg... AND I finally got to see Kryptc art paint. He does live spray paint art. He is wow so awesome. He is adorble and his wife is such a doll. Adore them both.

Just so many amazing wonderful pieces to today. Squeee.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 28

Ohhhh so tired.....

Day one makers faire done. Exhusted.... I feel like I didnt create much.

Want drawing time.....

I forgot to take any pictures at all.....

Hopefully tomarrow will be better.

Friday, June 27, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 27

Went and dumped off our gear for the Makers Faire. They tried to set us up outside. I wasn't having any of it.

So, finally got moved to Science City where we need to be. Hopefully there will be a table and chaire for us tomarrow. I got fussy and mean with the coordinator. Rare for me to lose my crap, but I did and I feel bad for it.

So, now I am home, it is almost midnight and I am making protein pancakes and boiled eggs to eat at the faire.

Say what?


I need steady hands to work, need frequent bites to snack on. I know me, if I do not pack food, I will not eat. Even if I pack food, I will forget to eat. Lol

One of my favorite fast healthy-ish snacks is banana peanut butter pancakes. They are great cold and if they pick up the flabor of henna, they are still edible. Boiled eggs and packets of salt are a must too. And of course tons of water.

I get grumpy when I need to eat, maybe that is why I was so mean tonight. Maybe I can offer a "forgive me protein pancake."

My creativity is banana pancakes at midnight. Lol it counts right?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 26

I try to live my life very ho hum. I try to not get excited because then it hurts to be let down or after the excitement things go back to normal and that is a let down.... better to stay mellow and happy....

Well... I can not help it. I am too excited for the Makers Faire! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Hands are hennad. Not as in-depth as I planned but for simple designs they are clean lined and dark.

Mummys are often found with hennad fingers and toes, so my tips are dipped. Oh the shades are beautiful!

I saw a photo of a mummy with hennad nails, they were the same shade as mine. Henna on nails is translucent and distinctive. Amazing how simply I was able to connect to a 3500 year old Egyptian.

I kind of look mummied too- lol

Anyhow. Squeeeeeeeee

30 days of creativity- day 25

Makers faire is in 3 days. One hand is now hennad.

This took entirely too long.

I am naturally left handed, so part of my issue was I drew this with my non-dominate hand. A necessity for pro henna artists is non dom henna.

Tomarrow will be faster, more detailed and more my usual work because I will be using my prefered drawing hand.

Every year the Makers Faire takes place at Union Station. Union Station always has a special exhibit. This year is the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Since Egypt has a history with Henna, I  wanted an Egypt themed booth, and of course, hrnna desisn.

The past few days have been spent looking at collars, sarcophagus, wall carvings. The patterns meld pretty decently with henna.

Anyhow.... more work...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 24

Only did a bit of drawing today.

Kids did some drawing.

Tomarrow will be henna on the hands for Makers Faire. Squeeeee.

On to plot the design.

30 days of creativity- day 23

The race to complete things for the Maker's Faire is on. 3 days, so ready.

Did a tinge of drawing. A zentangle snail and the start of some flowers.

I might leave these flowers plain, sometimes simplicity is best. I can not make up my mind. I might try to recreate the base so I can go farther without losing what I have.

I remember art class in primary school. The teacher was talking about the hardest part of being an artist is knowing when to stop. I often hear his voice in my head.

He had this treehouse /loft he built in the art room. Good behavior was rewarded by allowing us to do oyr drawing in the loft. I was terrified of heights. I never went up into it- yet I never saw things from the ground lever. Kind of ironic.

Monday, June 23, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 22

Blah day.

Set up two swaps on swap bot, and colored a picture for AD Marker.

Maybe tomorrow will be art filled.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 21

Happy day.

My swag for swapbot came, love it!

I drew some white on black, love it.

Today for the 30 day creativity challenge the prompt was to use something you never have before.

I tried finger print art. I am a huge Ed Emberly fan but have never looked at his finger print books. I checked one out from the library the other day. It is kinda fun. It is fast to create, I am used to slow art. Not sure if I like it or not.

6 days until the Makers Faire!

30 days of creativity- day 20

Today was a day of creativity. It is about time....

Lillea had a friend over for much of the day. We painted, drew, played with stickers and  playdoh.  (I failed at the playdoh, my creation looked like a deformed penis. It got exponentially better when I stuck feathers in it. If something sucks, give it feathers. It is like the bandaid of the art world! Obviously sculptural work is not in my future!)

Caring for two preschoolers is always interesting and fast paced, but the creative ways they play and do art are so inspiring.

It was awesome to see how one was so meticulous with painting, and how the other sloshed it around. Then how the paint slosher was patient and deliberate with markers while the other was rushed and imprecise.

Then, after playing with a friend all day, Lillea passed out straight away. I was gifted several hours of completely uninterupted art time.

I am so happy and serene right now.

Friday, June 20, 2014

30 days if creativity, day 19

I feel like I did nothing, yet was busy all day long.

Spent today getting things ready for the Maker's Faire.


Makers Faire is one of my favorite places
The talent, the creativity, the people, it is amazing!

This year at Union Station they are featuring an exhibit about King Tut. So to bring the thene into our booth, we are doing Egyptian themed information and crafts.

Henna was used in anchient Egypt, so it is simple to fold the two together.

I have been doodling a bit to try out the paper we will be using for our activity.

I got a beautiful Sari for Saturday. My dear friend Renna has starting an Indian Clothing business. Her basement is filled with the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 18

Run run run.... all day long....

Took some time to work on line technique. Since henna uses mostly muscle memory, constant practice is needed to keep lines defined.

Then had a Library gig. Love love love my Library jobs!

I was hoping to kick back and doodle, but I don't think that will happen today. Maybe tomarrow :-)

30 days of creativity - day 17

Short post as I have to be back on the road in a few hours for another gig- car willing!

On the way to the gig today the car started to overheat. By the time I limped it to my gig I had smoke billowing from the hood. Spent some time debating to pop the hood and see flames or pretend I saw nothing, go in and hope insurance covers spontaneous combustion.

Finally calm and gather my wits, pop the hood, radiator fluid is squirting this way and that. Oh look, my much beloved Honda in pretending to be a geyser.

I leave it and go to work- lol. I mean, what else could I do?

I doodle on hands, shakey at first because of the car ordeal, finally calm down and set to work.

Beautiful bride, awesome hands. Had a lot of fun doing them. Really great couple.

Filled the car with fluids per the husband and limped home. My one hour gig turned into 6.

So hoping husband fixes the problem before I have to drive back to the city tomarrow.

One the way home I found a bull frog, super cool. Brought her home, the kids determined her gender and species. Then we let her go. Amazing creature.

Anyhow, up in a few for the next event.

Monday, June 16, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 16

I feel like I have been running all day, but nothing much to show for it.

I made some Earnie the Envie ATCs to mail with a few swaps that must go out before my swag will arrive. I have never made more than one of the same card, it was odd reproducing 6 of the same thing.

And I painted some snails, no actually living snails, pictures of snails. If ut were safe to paint living ones I would! But it is not, so I must refrain.

I will be packaging swaps and henna for Peter (www.peterdraws.com.) to be shipped tomarrow.

Tomarrow is a bride and with any luck I will be picking up a new Sari for the Maker's Faire.

Back to work.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 15, halfway through

Today was a good day.

My sweetie brought me home a shiny peacock cuff. He is not usually a gift giver, so this is pretty huge. :-)

Spent time being annoyed by the kids. Man, they were hyper.

Then I took time to make atcs. AND, I plan to paint until I can not keep my eyes open!

I am in several atc swaps on swap bot. I love making atcs, love swapping art. Makes me happy.

Anyhow, my paints call me.... (actually the are inktense watercolor pencils, but whatevs.)

P.s Happy father's day to the daddys out there.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 14

What a beautiful day.

I had a nice benadryl coma and now I have a headache. But damn it, I am creating any way!

The kids and I created a wonderful dinner. Peppers stuffed with sausage, veggies, tomato sauce and cheese. Then the kids made sparkle grapes.

If you have not tried sparkle grapes, you are missing out.

The recipe is here though it is not much of a recipe. Just wet grapes rolled in jello powder. Oh they are tasty. Like little crack balls.


I have a dear friend who makes space paintings here in KC. His medium is spray paint, and it is amazing!

Check him out, http://instagram.com/kryptc

I tried my hand at some mock space cards, inspired by my lil bro. Having a great time with it.

Space is such an interesting place.... so mich fun to create.

30 days of creativity- day 13

3.5 hours at a henna gig today.... I got 2 pictures.

2 best parts of the night, putting the golden snitch on the grooms hand and realising that if I added grooms initials it would say "SUK."

Got to play MaCGyver with my truck. The latch broke. Found a dog leash and an pld bungee cord and was able to rig it shut for the hour trip home. (Most creative moment of the day!)

Hit a sale at Michaels. 70% blue and red clearance stickers. Didn't find much, but it was fun regardless.

I am home and really need some creation time. Tomorrow without fail, I WILL get some drawing time in.


Friday, June 13, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 12

Spent all day on Vista Print setting up swag.


I am sure it is creative importing pictures, setting up cards and stickers.... buy goodness, doing it all on a phone is the pits!

Tomarrow, a bride and her maids and hopefully I will have some real art time. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 11

Happy hump day.

My creative time seems to have taken a cut. So much needs to be done, so few hours in the day.

I did play with some watercolor resist methods. Trying to use what I have on hand d instead of running to the store. Lol.

So far everything has been a fail.

Oh well. Half of art is experimentation.

Drew some cone flowers and weiner dogs for swap-bot swaps. :-) What is humpday without a wiener dog?

Maybe tomarrow I will get some serious art time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 10

Playing with value today while listening to art documentaries.

Went to Michael's and bought 0 supplies.

Dealing with a super grumpy Lillea.

I need a nap too. Lol

Cutting is short tonight.

30 days of creativity- day 9

Squeeeee today I found out I am a new swap bot ambassador for Missouri!

So excited!

I live swapping art, mostly ATCs. Swaps give me a reason to draw and paint for fun.

Henna has really become "work." I still love henna, but swap bot is just pure fun.


My gig for tomarrow is cancled, so I think I will do some pen drawing. Here are some more henna practice sheets... always looking forward.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 8

What a nice slow Sunday.

Last nighy I stayed up and watched 5 episodes of True Blood with my husband while I doodled. We got to bed about 4 am lol.

Then I napped and rested. So needed.

Then miss Lillea and I made paper dolls with henna. I made Indian inspired ones, she made zombies. We even colored some.

Waiting for my husband to get home to watch the rest of true blood,  and do more drawing.

Wow... my life is awesome right now! :-)