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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How it started.

Just some thoughts.....

I guess I was born seeing things a little differently.  I look for patterns and repetition. 

I remember in second grade  the teacher teaching us about patterns in school. My brain opened up and I felt a warm comfort like I had been there before. The problem was, patterns were part of math class and since then my math pages were covered in doodles of repeating patterns.

The concept of numbers was largely lost, but I remember all of the paterns.

One teacher ( I beilive 6th grade) thought graph paper might help me line up my numbers so I could perform the problems easier. Oh, what a world that opened up! All of that structure just waiting to be developed with my squiggles.

I never got better at math, but I did grow as an artist.

Which brings me to my point.

Much of creativity and being interested in something starts with an accidental  spark. But, being good, becoming "great", that is pure practice.

Intentional practice or accidental practice. Did I know when I was 7 my doodles would benefit me in life? Nope. I did it because it calmed me, helped make the world a safer place for my brain to exist in.

It all started with a pattern..... triangle. .. circle.... triangle.... circle... what comes next......