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Friday, June 27, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 27

Went and dumped off our gear for the Makers Faire. They tried to set us up outside. I wasn't having any of it.

So, finally got moved to Science City where we need to be. Hopefully there will be a table and chaire for us tomarrow. I got fussy and mean with the coordinator. Rare for me to lose my crap, but I did and I feel bad for it.

So, now I am home, it is almost midnight and I am making protein pancakes and boiled eggs to eat at the faire.

Say what?


I need steady hands to work, need frequent bites to snack on. I know me, if I do not pack food, I will not eat. Even if I pack food, I will forget to eat. Lol

One of my favorite fast healthy-ish snacks is banana peanut butter pancakes. They are great cold and if they pick up the flabor of henna, they are still edible. Boiled eggs and packets of salt are a must too. And of course tons of water.

I get grumpy when I need to eat, maybe that is why I was so mean tonight. Maybe I can offer a "forgive me protein pancake."

My creativity is banana pancakes at midnight. Lol it counts right?

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