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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 days of creativity- day 30, the end

That was an incredibly fast 30 days! I can not believe it is over.

This challenge got me blogging, doodling, creating and I am sad it is over.

Massive thank you to Kelly of Whimsy and Zen for the push in the right direction.
Check Kelly and her blog out here.    


Recovering from the Maker's Faire, I am exhusted and my brain is all phlfffffffft.

I made some little henna ATCs to mail to some henna peeps.

Not a huge big bang, but a little spurt of creativity, ended as I began, slow and enjoying each stroke.

Maybe I need to find another 30 day challenge. This was amazing. :-)

For now, I need to package up these cards and mail them out. Assign partners for my latest swap and sleep.... ohhhhh beautiful sleep.

Until I blog again, please please go create something. Even if it is little, do it!


  1. These are beautiful! Congrats on finishing the challenge - it was pretty awesome :)

    1. I am so sad it is over. It was AWESOME! Squeee