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Thursday, June 14, 2012

KC Makers Faire

We will be that the Maker Faire!!!
Been working hard on our display for the Faire. Come see us at the Henna booth to discover Henna on a scientific / chemical level. Learn its history, culture and, of course, get a Henna design if you like. Kaci from KC Henna will be at the booth ( unless she wonders off to see Arch Attack!) She will answer technical, historial and cultural questions. Kids and curious adults will be able to feel henna, see the plant, mix paste & draw their own design. We will be raffling off some of the henna we mix at the faire so some lucky people can take home real henna to play with! Meet local area natural Henna artists and learn why added chemicals in Henna are SO bad! We have tons planned! :)
  See US there!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How to always have fresh Henna

Imagine never having to resort to using fake henna again! You will always have good henna on hand!

I hear people try to justify using commercially made Henna.

The most popular excuse is  " I didn't have time to make my own henna."

I have a small child who is one and a half. I have an older child who still needs mom a lot. I have a husband to try and keep fed. I have a household to run and I am always gone at least two days a week doing various things. In a good week I might get an hour or two to do some henna for fun.

I understand being busy, I really understand being busy!

Henna does take time to make, but I never ever have to resort to using chemical grocery store or fast henna. EVER!

Handmade henna can be made ahead of time and frozen! Freezing preserves the natural dye in the henna for up to six months. Sometimes even more.

Frozen natural henna is just as easy to use as fresh henna.

Freezing cones are very simple. Mix your henna as usual, place in cones, place them in the back of your freezer. To use a frozen cone just remove what you need from the freezer, place on the table until thaw. Never try to microwave or place your cone in boiling water.

A thawed cone can last for several days in the refrigerator.

Next time you make some henna, make a little extra and freeze it! You will be so happy to just be able to run to your freezer and grab a safe natural henna cone to use. Never be without good henna again. How wonderful is that?

If you buy natural henna, store it in the freezer to help preserve the dye. If you buy pre-made henna from KC Henna, buy more than you need and place your extra cones in the freezer for later.

You will never be without henna again, just imagine all of the art and beauty you could make.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

It is mixing day....

100 grams of Jamilla henna powder
100 grams of Raj henna powder
Essential Oils

What is in YOUR paste?

This is all you need to make beautiful natural safe henna paste.

Today we have a nice big batch of henna a brewin.

Just in time for the big event we are doing this weekend. Weeee!

Spring is a comin...

Henna season is HERE. We are taking bookings and lining out the next several months. Looking for origional henna art in South Kansas City? Don't be fooled by people doing henna just to make money, we do henna because we LOVE henna and pass our love on to others. We have been doing henna for 8 years and specialize in custom peices. If we are not available for your date we work hard to find another well qualified artist for you. We make all of our henna in house and supply henna to other artists in the KC area. Shoot us an email and see the difference. Info@kchenna.com