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Friday, July 18, 2014

Free time? More art

Every gig I do, people vomment on how "talented and great" I am as an artist. I always reply I am just a doodler and I can not draw, but I am trying to change that.

As an artist I am constantly learning new things, trying new things, pushing myself to be better.

Even though henna is my main focus, I have been branching out more into other art forms.

I always wanted to be an artist. When I fell into henna I never wanted to be "just a henna artist." I wanted to be "an artist." Part of that means trying things I am not so good at and working until I "suck less."

Natural talent? Naw, my stick figures were as bad as anyones in the beginning. I am learning just like anyone else learns.

YOU too CAN draw!

How can you learn to be a better artist? What motivates and inspires me to keep pushing?

Some of the resources I use are contests. They keep me pushing myself, they give me guidlines and deadlines. Occasionally I win, most often I don't, but, I am tenacious and I just can not stop. I have some odd internal drive that keeps me going forward, and I LOVE that part of myself.

Sometimes I wish that drive would carry over to cleaning my house or shaving my legs, but mostly I am thrilled to be able to expiriance that drive at all.

I also swap artist trading cards. Artist trading cards are 2.5 by 3.5 mini artworks.

I mostly swap through Swap-bot. If you have never checked it out, swap-bot is an amazing website for swapping all kids of snail mail. Honestly, who doesn't love snail mail? Recently I was made an official swap-bot ambassador. Basically I spread swap-bot swag and my love for mail art. Perfect for me.

I also participate in Free Art Friday and the art abandonment movement. I drop free artwork as I can here and there. It is an amazing time!

I thought it might be fun for the next few weeks to highlight my very favorite places online to push myself as an artist. These are the places I go almost everyday to learn more and inspire me. Any maybe some of my favorite artists- who knows.

Till next week, c ya.

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